What’s your title?

 Ciao! Good day everyone. This is my first blog. To be honest I don’t know how to start 🙂 Isn’t that what everyone think? Clueless. Upon reading my title, it is obvious that my brain is well.. kinda drained right now. 

 How about you? How’s your day? Hmm I hope you’re okay!! ♥

  Before I start, I just want to ask, are you happy on what are you doing? Or you’re just doing it because it  is needed? Remember it’s your life, always choose the one who will benefit you and the others. Always choose to be happy.

flat lay photography of person holding cookie and pen near hello board

 Awhile ago, some of our subject teachers already gave our scores in the first midterm examination. While our teachers are announcing each of our scores, I am secretly observing my classmate’s reaction upon hearing their score.

 And based on my observation hahah woah, some of them are happy, disappointed and the others, as expected seems like doesn’t even care. To be honest, I pity not only my classmates’ parents who had a irresponsible child but also those student because they’re wasting their time and the knowledge they might get for just non-sense things. 



 I believe that students knowledge isn’t just depend on the teachers, so don’t blame your teachers if you didn’t learn and if your grades are failed. Because if you really want to learn and understand something, you won’t only depend on what do your teacher taught, you will research or read a books about it until you fully understand.

 As a student, I just wanna share some of my motivation on studying hard which are the following: 

For my parents

  • I want to make my mother and father happy, and based on the past years I can see their happiness whenever they knew that their hard work is worth it. Make your mama & papa proud! ♥♥♥♥

For myself

  • I want to help myself to improve everything by means of studying and discovering things. Remember that you are doing this for yourself.

For my future

  • Think about your future. I know that all of us want to have stable jobs and good income someday.
  • Remind yourself studying wasn’t forever and it was also for you, to have a better future.

blur cellphone close up contemporaryUse failure as an inspiration

  Just an advice to everyone out there who’s feeling depressed because of their grades currently, REMEMBER your grades doesn’t define you, it is okay to failed sometimes because a person who never made a mistake will never tried anything new. BUT that was not an enough reason for you to ignore your study.

 Believe me, it is happy to study  especially when you really want it :))) and someday you’ll miss this.

 Because someday, you will have your own title. Maybe an engineer, doctor, architecture, or whatever is your dream to be. Having your own title is not as easy as you thought it was.

 So help yourself to achieve that, reading a book isn’t that bad, studying hard isn’t being nerdy. 🙂

 That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog and learned something about it! I am leaving  an inspirational quote below. 🙂 Have a nice day!


“You have to fight through the hard days in order to earn good days.” -unknown


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